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Family owned and operated since 1973
About Us

Devizes Cheese is a local shop providing speciality cheeses, meets and goods​ to the local community. Keith Aldrich, first purchased the property in 1973 to provide the local community with carefully selected speciality meats and cheeses. Keith's son and wife, Randy and Susan Aldrich took over the store in 1978 and expanded Devizes's offerings with more fresh, local cheeses and meat as well as canned goods and fresh produce! After 35 years in business, Devizes Cheese continues to grow now with Randy's son, Jamie, involved in the daily operations.

Devizes' History

First established in 1880 as Devizes Cheese & Butter in the town of Prospect Hill, Ontario. 

In 1913, the building was relocated to Highbury & 14 mile road where it is still operating today by the Aldrich family.  


Providing the community with a one-stop shop for pantry staples and artisanal tastes.